7 Game-Changing Insights on What Women Want Online From Your Brand

Key Takeaways

  • The biggest brand a-ha: Women are comfortable receiving highly-targeted advertisements online; in fact, studies show, they appreciate it
  • Get a new framework and avoid siloing your brand communication: Ultimately, think about how your brand can make life easier for women
  • Know women think in relationship terms – Is your brand a trusted friend and meaningful partner who knows her personally online? Or, are you a random, on-again/off-again part of her day?

A reversal of roles? Perhaps. While some marketers and brands hem and haw about consumer privacy online, in a sign of the times, women are overwhelming telling brands not to waste their ad dollars or worries. They seek smart brands and smart ads: Personalize, target and tailor to make my life easier, my trip to Target cheaper and my visit to the grocery store smoother.

As overtake men online and on Facebook (women comprise 56 % of Facebook’s audience) mass approaches and stale assumptions have become flimsy and obvious. Below are seven game-changing insights about What Women Want Online garnered from a proprietary study of more than 1,800 women.

#1 Women Think "Cool!" – Not "How Dare You!?" When They Get a Tcd argeted Ad Online.

  • When a perfectly targeted coupon comes in her inbox or an I-can-use-that-today banner appears while surfing, 65 percent of women first think, "Cool!"
  • This stat alone debunks a lot of assumptions about how consumers, particularly women, feel when a brand or marketer understands her world – and a lot about her – to deliver a relevant piece of communication, be it an offer, email, newsletter, or recipe online.

INSIGHT: Give her what she wants. Women crave targeted ads – as long as it provides something of value and pertains to her individual lifestyle.

#2 And, They Want More from Brands They Trust.

  • If you have her trust, you have a lot of leeway: Nearly 90 percent of women studied "wish" they were sent more tailored offers from trusted brands.
  • Analytics should be a marketer’s best friend at this point. Most brands have no trouble collecting consumer information, but they lack the tools and talent to put that data into play and incorporate it into their programs.
  • The proper use of data gives you the power to make smart decisions in how you build a relationship with a consumer – number one, who is your target, really? Where can you find more of them? How, when, with what, etc. do you use to keep that relationship evolving?

INSIGHT: If she has a relationship with you, get to know her more and give her more. Women are comfortable with being targeted, and even "wishing" it happened to them more, with brands they trust.

#3 They Want You to Know Them Better.

  • 19 percent of women "want" brands to get to know them better. Find out what they like and need, how they shop, etc.
  • The door is open: Most women (58 percent) feel technology has come "pretty far" when it comes to what online advertisers know about them. But, there is room to grow – Even an expectation too.

INSIGHT: It’s constant. Don’t let your guard down, and commit to growing, evolving and learning about your consumer.

#4 The Framework is in Relationship Terms.

  • You never get a second chance to make a good first impression – so make it count and put your best foot forward.
  • 53 percent of women feel they form "relationships" with brands online; 37 percent first see brands they encounter online to be "good partners" – sending relevant ads they need and use. This demonstrates a positive attitude, in general, to brands online.

INSIGHT: Women see brands in "relationship" terms. They don’t silo or separate. A coupon in the mail, a Web site, a social media post, the in-store experience. Ensure a smooth, consistent experience. Gather intell from each point of contact and get to know her – Personally.

#5 She Has an Inner Circle – Learn from the Best to Crack into It.

Women pinpointed five brands offering the best online relationship:
  1. Pillsbury
  2. Procter & Gamble
  3. Kraft
  4. Betty Crocker
  5. General Mills

INSIGHT: Study the best. Like any meaningful relationship – a brand must provide positive reinforcement and trust to ensure a quality relationship. Clearly, these five brands are investing and offering the "other guys" a template.

#6 You Gotta Give to Get.

  • In today’s market – brands are expected to give these consumers something of value to help develop the initial relationship. Make that something" special. Provide women a reason to engage whether it is a free sample, a coupon or an educational tip / recipe. Value is key.
  • Nearly 60 percent of women share the secret to a better relationship: They "want brands to give them something or offer them more deals."

INSIGHT: Though relationships are being formed there is still room for improvement: Over 21 percent of women said brands tend to be "clingy" online; over 17 percent said they are "too flashy."Provide value, substance, meaning.

#7 Bridge Offline & Online.

  • Half of women are influenced in-store by the online ads they encounter. And, 67 percent "feel" a brand’s online experience is meshing with the in-store experience – Sharing there is room to bridge the gap.
  • Remember, while women are online, the majority of their time is spent socializing and researching – tailor your ad to enhance either experience.
  • When brands send women helpful content online - this interaction is starting to translate to the in-store experience.

INSIGHT: Ensure your online dialogue positively influences the offline.

As brands and marketers adjust their campaigns to enhance the online consumer engagement and experience, keep in mind, women understand and appreciate targeted ads that pertain to their busy lifestyle. Further, ensure the brand communication correlates with all channels – i.e. online and offline – and when establishing a relationship with your consumer – initiate with value.


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